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Misterhult bryggeri

January 19, 2013

Misterhult bryggeri is yet another brewery project (not yet commercial) in Sweden. This time it is a “joint venture” between Sweden and USA. The founders of Misterhult bryggeri are the married couple Kevin and Linda Zelnio and the brewery is located in the small village of Misterhult (Mörtfors municipality). Kevin describe himself as “ an american who was fortunate enough to marry a swedish woman. Kevin worked for over a decade as a marine biologist, ecologist and science communicator. He keeps his passion for science by brewing unique, flavorful beers in the stunning forests and mossy rock-laden coast of the Misterhult region “

The brewery was initially called Black Ink brewery but changed name to Misterhults bryggeri.

Location: Misterhult, Mörtfors
Website: –
Phone: –

Misterhults bryggeri

Marbäcks öl- now available

January 18, 2013

Marbäcks öl is finally available at Systembolaget in Ulricehamn. The beers are also in the Systembolaget beställningsssortiment making it possible to order Marbäcks öl to any other Systembolaget store in the country.

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Marbäcks öl – labels

December 20, 2012

MarbäcksKaptenOlleToday I got a preview of the new labels from Marbäcks öl. The beers Kapten Olle (Pale Lager) (named after a legendary sea captain in the area) and Smea Kalle (Dark Lager) (named after a local blacksmith) will be available at Systembolaget in Ulricehamn on 2nd January.

According to Timo at Marbäcks öl they will focus on getting the beers out to the Systembolaget stores and maybe later on to some local restaurants. If you run a restaurant close to Marbäck or Ulricehamn you should contact Marbäcks öl (contact information below).

Location: Marbäck
E-mail: ;


Kastellet bryggeri

December 3, 2012

Kastellet bryggeri is one of the many new breweries starting up in Sweden at the moment. The brewer, Christian Borg, know what he is doing. He has a degree from the Brewing Technology Programme in Ludvika (Västerbergslagens utbildningscentrum) and did internship at Ölvisholt Brygghus on Iceland as part of his education. Jon (Brewmaster/founder) at Ölvisholt Brygghus still gives him advice on what to do and don´t. One part of the brewing concept is to find a good place to the north west of Stockholm.

” I am going to use a really tasty beer as a base and then spice and flavor it with special ingredients. “, Christian tells me. ” I have a Blackberry beer (Björnbärliner Weisse) that I would like to continue develop. I plan to have Dark Castle Stout and Princess Pale Ale as regular beers. It only takes me a few weeks to have them ready for sale unlike my Prussian Weissen that takes six months to mature. I am going to invests in high quality product from the beginning! “, he continues. 

Kastellet brewery is not ready to starts commercially brewing but Christian is already promoting his beers to the local market. If everything goes to plan we will be able to see some Kastellet beers in the beginning of next year.

I am looking forward to some Borgs Bitter, Kastellet Brown Ale, Johannas Lager, Björnbärliner Weisse and Dark Castle Stout.

Location: not yet decided
Twitter: –
Phone: –

Grythyttans brygghus

November 22, 2012

Grythyttans brygghusThe small village of Grythyttan is famous for its food and restaurant curriculum at “Restauranghögskolan” (Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science), Måltidens Hus  and Loka Brunn. The culinary scene will soon be reinforced through the reopening of the old brewery, Grythyttans brygghus in Grythyttan.

Henrik Olsson, one of the initiators explains that “a good friend and I decided to contact the owners (fourth generation) of Grythyttans brygghus “.

Up until the early 1990’s Grythyttans brygghus produced “Svagdricka” but since then the brewery has been closed.

“ The first thing we did was to rebuild a small part of the brewery into a laboratory. That was two years ago and during this time we’ve been experimenting with different beer styles. We have three styles we like. It is a Bohemian Pilsner, an English Ale and a Double IPA. We decided to start commercial brewing with the Bohemian Pilsner called 117 Bohemian Lager“, Henrik continuous.

The old brewhouse is undergoing significant refurnishing to make room for new German equipment required for the decoction mashed pilsner. The master brewer, Michel Ahlin Wigardt had contacted several Swedish micro breweries for collaboration and eventually to produce their 117 Bohemian Lager. “The response did not meet with our expectations, so we went back to the original brew scheme and decided to contact brewers in the Czech Republic instead”, Henrik informs me. Through local contacts they met with over 100 different breweries. Finally, they connected with the brewery Pivovar Vyškov. This brewery provides training courses in the art of classic Czech brewing and Michel Ahlin Wigardt got sn opportunity to brew with their brewmaster on site in Vyškov.

The new brewing equipment will be ready in Grythyttan in early 2013. The brewmaster at Pivovar Vyškov will support to ensure consistency between the beers brewed in Vyškov and those in Grythyttan.

“ We started the marketing campaign last week focusing on high quality restaurants. You can already enjoy a Grythyttan beer at several pubs in Karlstad, Örebro, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlskoga and Åre. Once the beer production will commence in Grythyttan we might focus on getting the beer into the Systembolaget stores “, Henrik says.

“ Our philosophy around food and drinks is influenced by the Restauranghögskolan in Grythyttan. Taste is a personal and no one can claim that this tastes good or bad. We will tell you what we think tastes good and try our best to describe why. Then it’s up to consumers to use our descriptions as a guide if they want to.”

Grythyttans brygghusLocation: Bjurvägen 6, 712 32 Hällefors
Phone:  +46 59 117 117

Marbäcks öl

November 20, 2012

It all started in a Sauna! Timo Hokka and Tomas Sjögren had a Sunday tradition with Sauna and ice-cold beers. In the beginning they only consumed the common lager beers from one of the major breweries. After a while their interest shifted focus towards different kinds of beers and beer rating. In November 2011, the first batch of homebrewed beer was ready and the rest is history…

Permits and licenses are close to being approved and they will be ready to start brewing commercially. If all goes well you will be able to buy a Marbäcks öl Pale Lager and Dark Lager (with some Whisky notes) at Systembolaget in Ulricehamn as of the 2nd of January 2013. They have 3-4 more beers on the way after this first release.  ” The next beer will probably be a Dark Ale “, Timo Hokka says. ” We do not know how much we will sell in the beginning but there is a great interest and we hope to sell a lot of course “, he continues.

The brewing equipment  is partly made of two milk tanks with a capacity of 250 liter / batch. ” There will be a lot of small batches  “ , Timo says.

Marbäcks öl will hopefully also be available  later in the Systembolaget in the towns of Borås and Tranemo.

The beers from Marbäcks öl:
Kapten Olle (Pale Lager) – named after a legendary sea captain in the area (on the lake Åsunden)
Smea Kalle (Dark Lager) – named after a local blacksmith

Location: Marbäck
E-mail: ;

Marbäcks öl

Vega bryggeri

November 6, 2012

Vega bryggeri is a new brewery on the West coast of Sweden. The small craft brewery is located right in the centre of Gothenburg (Hisingen, Ringön) close to the river (Göta älv).
Claes Ljunggren and Thomas Cruz Kollberg is the brewers behind Vega bryggeri and they “aim to brew great beer for thirsty people in Gothenburg” .

They have released three beers at the moment. The first one out was VEGA Blonde Ale. An unfiltered and unpasteurized Blond Ale at 4,9% with a lot of influences from America using pale ale-, crystal- and carapilsmalt. The hops is mainly american like Simcoe and Cascade but they have also used a bit of English Target hops as well.

The second beer was Vega Strong Ale, an English Strong Ale at 6,9 % and recently they released their third beer, Vega APA.

Vega brewery beers are available at Kino Bar and Beefeater in Gothenburg.

Location: Stenkolsgatan 5, 417 05 Göteborg
Phone:  –

Vega Bryggeri

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