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Marbäcks öl – labels

December 20, 2012

MarbäcksKaptenOlleToday I got a preview of the new labels from Marbäcks öl. The beers Kapten Olle (Pale Lager) (named after a legendary sea captain in the area) and Smea Kalle (Dark Lager) (named after a local blacksmith) will be available at Systembolaget in Ulricehamn on 2nd January.

According to Timo at Marbäcks öl they will focus on getting the beers out to the Systembolaget stores and maybe later on to some local restaurants. If you run a restaurant close to Marbäck or Ulricehamn you should contact Marbäcks öl (contact information below).

Location: Marbäck
E-mail: ;


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