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Misterhult bryggeri

January 19, 2013

Misterhult bryggeri is yet another brewery project (not yet commercial) in Sweden. This time it is a “joint venture” between Sweden and USA. The founders of Misterhult bryggeri are the married couple Kevin and Linda Zelnio and the brewery is located in the small village of Misterhult (Mörtfors municipality). Kevin describe himself as “ an american who was fortunate enough to marry a swedish woman. Kevin worked for over a decade as a marine biologist, ecologist and science communicator. He keeps his passion for science by brewing unique, flavorful beers in the stunning forests and mossy rock-laden coast of the Misterhult region “

The brewery was initially called Black Ink brewery but changed name to Misterhults bryggeri.

Location: Misterhult, Mörtfors
Website: –
Phone: –

Misterhults bryggeri

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