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New Swedish beers – just before Christmas

December 10, 2013

Just before midsummer I wrote about the list of new Swedish beers . At that time there was around 270-290 new beers on the list. The main question was: Will Swedish breweries release more than 600 new beers before the end of the year?

Now it is just before Christmas and … How many do you think it is up till today?

Check out the list and please tell me if there are beers missing!


New Swedish Beers 2013 – halftime

June 17, 2013

It is soon midsummer and I hope the summer will bring a lot of new Scandinavian beers to the shelfes. Like last year I am keeping (some kind of) track of new Swedish beers released during the year.

I have more than 250 260 270 new beers on the list and it is growing every day. In the document you could also find a list of the, more than 120 active Swedish breweries (that I know of).

Please let me know if there is some beers or breweries missing!

Happy midsummer everone!


Den stora ölresan – a TV program

April 11, 2013

SVT logoOn April 16 the Swedish Television Channel 1 (SVT1) will broadcast a new TV program called “Den stora ölresan“. It is the first program in a series of three. The program focuses on the brewing industry and not so much on beer itself. There is a longer clip of the program available on Youtube and it looks promising.

Make a note in your calendar:
Den stora ölresan
Part 1. April 16th at 9 pm (21.00)
Part 2 April 23rd at 9 pm (21.00)
Part 3 April 30th at 9 pm (21.00)

Bryggeri Fängelset – Go to jail! Go directly to jail!

March 12, 2013

It all started with the brew project Black Inc Brewery that later became Misterhult bryggeri. The people behind these two brew projects are the married couple Kevin and Linda Zelnio. They have yet another project in progress and this time it is going to be a commercial brewery, Bryggeri Fängelset. The microbrewery is located in the Hotell Fängelset near downtown Västervik.

Location: Västervik

Bryggeri Fängelset

Gone in seven seconds

March 8, 2013

I do not know if it is a record or not but it gives you an idea about the beermania in Sweden/Scandinavia. When the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget released 1 400 bottles of Westvleteren XII yesterday they sold out in … seven (7) seconds. The second most popular beer , Gregorius, sold out in 25 seconds.

It was a webrelease and you had register in order to buy the beers and you could only buy four bottles per person. Systembolaget ensured people afterwords that it all went according to routine and they have no indication saying that anything improper happened. I guess some people got surprised about the interest in these beers.
Westvleteren XII

New Swedish beers 2012

January 22, 2013

I think it is safe to say that we have never seen so many new beers in Sweden during one single year as we did in 2012. I have more than 400 new Swedish beers on the list and I am not even sure it is 100%. With some help from The Pilgrim and The progress the list will be more updated. (Thanks to everyone on Ratebeer that helped getting the list more up to date!). It is an open list so if you want to contribute feel free to do so.

The list is very much inspired by the Danish list that Peter Myrup Olesen makes every year on his site beerticker. Last year he listed as much as 756 new Danish beers and that is all time high for Denmark as well. Excellent work Peter as always with that long list!

The Norwegian beer blogger Knut Albert listed 220 new norwegian beers last year. The beer scene in Noway is impressive.

In total that makes it about 1 400 new Scandinavian beers last year.

I also made a summary of Swedish breweries and got more than 100 on the list. That is a milestone indeed.

Update: I got a comment from Per: “a quick check on Ratebeer reveals that around 203 new Finnish beers were added [in 2012] (excluding ciders and contract brews brewed abroad). There are 18 Icelandic, 15 Greenlandic and 12 Faroese.

Thanks Per!


Tuffing bryggeri

January 21, 2013

There are a lot of new breweries starting up in Scandinavia. One new interesting brewproject to follow is Tuffing bryggeri in Halmstad. The people behind Tuffing bryggeri are Christian Arvidsson and Juha Välitalo. Follow their journey to become a commercial brewery on their Facebook site. Tuffing bryggeri uses a Braumeister from the German manufacturer Spiedel.

Good luck with your brewery!

Many new breweries – the Braumeister revolution
We could call this “boom” of new breweries, the Braumeister revolution, because the Spiedel brewing equipment has become increasingly popular among homebrewers and small breweries. There are a significant amount of homebrewers who plans to start commercial breweries.

Location: Halmstad


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