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Bryggeri Portvakten

October 26, 2012

Bryggeri PortvaktenThe last couple of months has been crazy when it comes to new breweries in Sweden. More or less one brewery a week has opened up. It is hard to keep track of them all. I will do my best though and here is an interview with an interesting new brewery just starting up in Västerås.

Bryggeri Portvakten (Eng: Janitor, Caretaker or Porter if you like) is a really small brewery but Tomas Berglund (who works as a Janitor) has bigger plans. ” It all started 10 or so years ago with a love for Guinness “, he says. I even named my dog Guinness. ”  When the american IPA trend hit Scandinavia a couple of years later he started to show more interest in brewing beer and not just drinking it. ” One day I decided to visit the homebrewing shop Humlegården and I bought my first brewing equipment “.

The homebrewery started up in his own garage but later when he moved he needed to rent another place (a brewery room, a tasting and meeting room and some storage) in Västerås. He is also building some new and larger equipment (two 100 liter vessels in stainless steel). His plan is to start brewing commercially during 2013.

What kind of beers could we expect from Bryggeri Portvakten?
“I do not brew according to style”, he replies. ” In fact I think that is a bit boring. I am going to brew beers that I like. That is porter/stout kind of beers and different types of IPA:s.”
At the moment he has a lot of different experiments going on using cloudberries and blackcurrant.

Bryggeri Portvakten is not just going to become a brewery. Tomas has plans for brewing courses and meetings at the brewery as well. ” I have met so many nice people since I started my brewery “, he says. ” People come from all over the country to my small brewery, just to brew some beer. ” 

Why do you think there are so many new breweries starting up in Sweden now?
” I think many brewers think the same way I do. If he or she can do it, I can do it to! There are so many people interested in beers and brewing now. Brewers share knowledge and information all the time with the public and more people gets involved every day”

Bryggeri portvakten will be the second brewery in Västerås. Will you be competitors?
” I do not think like that at all. I will not compete with anyone. I just want to brew high quality beers. ”  

One last question. Where will we be able to taste a Bryggeri Portvakten beer in the future?
” I do not have any official contract yet but I hope I will in the next couple of weeks ” 

Tomas is a bit secret about where and when we will be able to taste a Bryggeri Portvakten beer. I would keep my eyes open at some of the best pubs in Västerås during next year. I am not going to tell you more!

Location: Västerås, Sweden
Phone: +46 73-920 01 21

Bryggeri Portvakten

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  1. Portvakten permalink
    October 27, 2012 11:17 am

    Bra skrivet Joakim !


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