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Slottskällan and numbers

October 24, 2012

Slottskällans bryggeri has released three beers in their series of “beers with numbers”. They named the first beer in the series Zero (a beer with a theoretically IBU of zero) and the second one Zeven (a Black Saison at ABV 7 % ). Many people thought that the next one would start with a Z as well but the third beer was a Black IPA and called Eight (ABV 8 %).

The inevitable question is whether this was the last in the series of “beers with numbers” or not? Apparently they have plans for more “numbers” but they will not reveal any names at this point. We can only speculate about the name of the next beer. What would you call a single hopped beer, a Dubbelbock, A Belgian Tripel or Quadrupel? Is -10 a good name for an Eisbock?

Slottskällans bryggeri is in Uppsala, the oldest university city in northern Europe, so they might want to brew a beer at 3,14 % called Pi or a low alcohol beer at 2,7 % called e !  If they want to flirt with the Gothenburg market (the pun Mecca) they might brew a beer at 5,9 % and call it high five or brew a Barley Wine at 9 % and call it Barley nine. Some kind of German beer maybe called 4 (at 4.4 %) or continue with the Z theme and just call it Zlatan.

I would like them to brew a beer for Uppsala university and call it 1477 (the year that the university was founded). Maybe call it fourteen seventy seven but then they need larger bottles and labels I guess.

What do you think? Feel free to speculate!

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