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PKLK bryggeri

October 15, 2012

PKLK nanobryggeriHave you ever tasted an Aspooney´s Best Bitter or a VOU – Pale Ale? If you have you might know the brewer already. If you haven’t you will be able to soon because there is a new brewery starting up in Enskede, Stockholm.  PKLK bryggeri is a small brewery and the person behind it is Peter Pikulik, hence the name of the brewery (PiKuLiK).

” I will start in a small-scale “, he says. ” I have a 50L Braumeister brewery and I will brew every second week and hopefully be able to brew every week in the future if the demand increases. “

About the brewer
Peter has a Degree of Master in product- and process-development and works as a consultant in the mechanic construction and design industry.

” I have had an interest in beers for some time now but it has increased a lot the last couple of years. My good friend Niklas Andersson (one of the people behind the beer blog Öljuntan) is my main source of inspiration and he is also designs the labels. “

In October 2011, Peter did his first homebrew and has been hooked ever since. ” The most exciting part of brewing is to make a recipe, brew it and to get it to taste excactly the way you want. I would like to continue to experiment and make new recipes. Having a small brewery makes me very flexible and I can make changes and small adjustments for each costumer. “

About the future
PKLK bryggeri has two customers already, Vou Club (in Södertälje) and Enskede Värdshus, just waiting for Peter to get his license. To Vou club he will deliver a low bitter, straight forward, Pale Ale. Peter is given a lot of freedom to experiment and they are already planning for a new recipe. Hopefully they will be able to have some beer/brew meetings there as well in the future. Do not miss that if you live in Södertälje or close by.

The Ensked Värdshus beer will be a classic bitter at 5 % (a modified Aspooney Bitter).

Peter ends the interview with ” the next thing is to brew an Imperial Belgian Brown (10 %) with Shamrock syrup. A complex, yet easy to drink beer. I am also going to brew two types of christmas beers”.

That more or less summarize his whole filosophy. New, innovative and exciting beers in small batches.

Website: Nylandsgatan 12, 12237 Enskede

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