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Marbäcks öl

November 20, 2012

It all started in a Sauna! Timo Hokka and Tomas Sjögren had a Sunday tradition with Sauna and ice-cold beers. In the beginning they only consumed the common lager beers from one of the major breweries. After a while their interest shifted focus towards different kinds of beers and beer rating. In November 2011, the first batch of homebrewed beer was ready and the rest is history…

Permits and licenses are close to being approved and they will be ready to start brewing commercially. If all goes well you will be able to buy a Marbäcks öl Pale Lager and Dark Lager (with some Whisky notes) at Systembolaget in Ulricehamn as of the 2nd of January 2013. They have 3-4 more beers on the way after this first release.  ” The next beer will probably be a Dark Ale “, Timo Hokka says. ” We do not know how much we will sell in the beginning but there is a great interest and we hope to sell a lot of course “, he continues.

The brewing equipment  is partly made of two milk tanks with a capacity of 250 liter / batch. ” There will be a lot of small batches  “ , Timo says.

Marbäcks öl will hopefully also be available  later in the Systembolaget in the towns of Borås and Tranemo.

The beers from Marbäcks öl:
Kapten Olle (Pale Lager) – named after a legendary sea captain in the area (on the lake Åsunden)
Smea Kalle (Dark Lager) – named after a local blacksmith

Location: Marbäck
E-mail: ;

Marbäcks öl

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