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Best Served Coldboy

September 20, 2012

It used to be fairly easy to work out the country of origin of any given brewery, but now it seems to be more and more common for brewers to give their brewery an English name, even if English is not the native language spoken in that country.

One such example is the Coldboy Brewery in Askim, Norway, with their slogan “the uncompromised nature of Norway in a bottle”. The brewery’s founder, Arvid Helstedt Tennefoss (also known as Mr Cold!) used to reside in the north west of England and this is where he first got the inspiration to become a brewer.

He got the taste for local handcrafted beers and after returning to Norway, he started to miss drinking such beers and contemplated importing locally handcrafted beers from the UK. It was around this time that Norwegian beer consumers became more and more interested in real ale and craft beer. This then helped him to make the decision to open his own brewery.

He was initially going to name the brewery Ask, after Askim, his hometown in Norway. He eventually decided, however, to name his brewery Coldboy, after in recognition of his Norwegian roots, his friends in England gave him the nickname of Cold Boy.

Arvid currently brews three beers, Coldboy Stout, Coldboy Pale Ale and Coldboy Premium Ale. Hopefully we will get to see some of these beers appear in Sweden before long, but if not, it will give me more than a decent excuse to visit the beautiful country that is Norway.

Coldboy Brewery logoLocation: Volleneveien 15 1831 Askim (Norway)
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