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Bålsta Bryggeri

September 17, 2012

Like in many other countries in Europe, more and more new breweries seem to be opening up all over Sweden. This is great news for the industry, as well as for beer enthusiasts. One of the newest breweries to have opened is Bålsta Bryggeri, unsurprisingly located in Bålsta which is north west of Stockholm.

The proprietor and brewer, Richard Eklöw, had been brewing beer for his own consumption for over 20 years before deciding on a change of career and opting to become professional and open Bålsta Bryggeri. Most of Richard’s spare time had been taken up with brewing and other beer- related activities, so with some encouragement from his wife, he felt the time was right to work full-time and start his own brewery.

Two beers are currently available, Eklöws Röda, hopped with Cascade and East Kent Goldings, and Eklöws Ljusa, hopped with East Kent Goldings, Cascade and Citra, although recent batches have used Styrian Goldings in place of Citra because of some supply issues with Citra hops.

Both of these beers are available from some outlets in Bålsta, and Eklöws Röda can be ordered in any quantity from Systembolaget and be delivered to the store of your choice. Richard is currently brewing another beer called Eklöws Vintage 2012 and he would like to brew a Christmas beer, but as he is currently brewing only 70 to 80 litres per week, he is not sure if this will be possible or not.

I ordered a bottle of Eklöws Röda from Systembolaget and found it to be a nicely balanced brew with an enticing aroma and a hoppy, fruity and slightly sweet taste. I will certainly be ordering some more bottles of it and look forward to tasting more Bålsta beers in future

By Matt Williams



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