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Coast to Coast

September 13, 2012

Living in Uppsala, it luckily doesn’t take very long for me to go to Stockholm and visit some of the many fantastic pubs and bars there. Two such quality places are Oliver Twist and Akkurat and I must confess to spending many hours (and even more money!) in both of these places.

Both places are known for the choices of beer on offer, with Oliver Twist having a wider selection of American beers and Akkurat specialising in lambic beers from Belgium. Last year, these two pubs (a stone’s throw away from each other) joined forces with Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri to brew an exclusive house beer called Tjockhult Tjinook.

Going from the east coast to the west coast, Göteborg also has more than its fair share of good beer pubs. Two of the best pubs in the Göteborg, The Rover and Ölrepubliken, earlier this year collaborated with Nynäshamns to brew a black IPA called Dundermörk Dedikerad IPA.

As if I didn’t have enough reasons to visit Stockholm and Göteborg already! These two brews from Nynäshamns have made it even more tempting to buy an annual SJ train ticket! Now, though, it has become even more tempting following the news that the four pubs mentioned above have joined forces with Oppigårds Bryggeri to produce a ‘house’ beer called Coast to Coast. This pale ale has been hopped with Citra, Columbus, Chinook and Nugget, so it sounds like a real hop fest! I can’t wait to try it!

Coast to Coast will be launched on September 26th, which is also the first day of the Stockholm Beer Festival. The beer will exclusively be sold at Oliver Twist and Akkurat in Stockholm and The Rover and Ölrepubliken in Göteborg. It will also be available to sample at the Stockholm Beer Festival.

by Matt Williams

Oppigards coast to coast

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